Ketarsalmen Kievari

Ketarsalmen Kievari caters in the enchanting environment of its 100-year-old granite walls for all kinds of festivities from everyday occasions to life´s most important celebrations: birthdays, weddings, family reunions, Christmas parties to name but a few.

Do come and organize your meetings and conferences in Taivassalo by our great fishing waters. We provide an idyllic conference environment, a high-quality catering service and many nature-related activities. The best time for fishing is in the spring right after the ice has broken or in the autumn, with the catch varying from perches to northern pikes. We provide all the equipment required for the fishing trips, after which the sauna and dinner await you at Ketarsalmen Kievari. You also have the possibility of enjoying your own catch at the dinner table, prepared by our chef.

For groups we provide meeting, fishing and dining services, as well as trips to the Bonk Museum in nearby Uusikaupunki.

History of Ketarsalmen Kievari

The oldest record that mentions the Ketarsalmen Kievari farm and its owner at the time, Johan Muntae Munter dates back to the year 1326. In 1395 one of the most powerful men of the era, German-born Hinza Knap donated Ketarsalmi to the Turku Cathedral. During the years, Ketarsalmi has passed from one family to another, including for example the Carpelans, Starcks, Fingerbergs, Af Shultens and Jäderholms.

The Base Motti

By the courtyard area of Kievari is situated a war-time base and shelter Motti, which realistically demonstrates what life used to be like for the Finnish soldier at the frontline during the war.

The Motti facilities can be used for smaller meetings.

Delicacies at Ketarsalmen Kievari

Ketarsalmen kievari caters a delicious buffet lunch every day during the summer, as well as a menu À la carte, pizza list, coffee and varied snacks to your taste.

During the autumn and winter seasons we provide mainly catering and conference services by order, and are therefore open only in the weekends.

The restaurant seats 130 persons, the summer terrace an additional 30. At the upstairs of the restaurant we also have four cosy double rooms and one room for four.


Ketarsalmen Kievari is situated by the Archipelago route (road nr.192)









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